Say 'Yes' to Statehood

Join hundreds of other people in the Hunter Valley who commit to vote 'yes' on a statehood referendum

Say 'Yes' to Statehood

For too long, the Hunter's destiny has been decided by bureacrats in Sydney. This has had disastorous consequences. But it doesn't have to be this way. We envision a bright and bold future where we decide our own destiny. This future is possible.

Hundreds of people across the Hunter Valley have committed to voting 'yes' on a referendum for Hunter Valley statehood. Will you join them and support the Hunter Valley's fastest growing social movement?

The Hunter Valley Statehood Movement is a grassroots campaign that is organising in communities across the valley to demand that our future is put into our hands. Will you stand with us?

Let us know that you will vote 'yes'!

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