Hunter Valley Statehood Movement

Putting our future into our hands

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What We Do

We are the Hunter Valley Statehood Movement, a grassroots movement formed in 2021 fighting for the Hunter Valley to have the power to shape its own destiny with a State of Hunter Valley. We have been taken for granted by Sydney for too long, will you join us in the fight to put our future into our hands?


Our Goals

1. To build a better, fairer and freer Hunter Valley for all.

2. To campaign for a referendum on statehood in the Hunter Valley, to be decided by the people of the Hunter.

3. A green industrial rebirth to build a sustainable post-coal future for the Hunter.

What We're Fighting For

1. Royal Commission into feasibility of Hunter Valley Statehood as soon as possible.

2. Referendum on statehood for the Hunter Valley by 2030.

How you can help

In this movement everyone is welcome and everyone is needed. No matter your skills, we need all hands on deck if we want to make the Hunter Valley a state. Visit our 'Take Action' page to find ways you can support the Hunter Valley Statehood Movement.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions you can get in touch with us through our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by sending us an email through the contact form below.